Neem Toothpaste

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Neem toothpaste is a healthy choice as it is made of all-natural ingredients that have no side effects. Neem is a herb that has many medicinal benefits. It comes from the neem tree, also called Indian lilac. Neem is known as nature's most formidable bacteria and germ fighter.


Neem toothpaste is perfect for people with weak teeth and gums as it helps prevent cavities, inflammation, pain, and bleeding gums. Neem has natural cleansing and purifying properties that keep impurities and plaque from layering over your teeth. Neem infused with black seed helps diminish toothaches or mouth soreness.

The anti-bacterial properties help avoid and heal any gum diseases and help maintain oral hygiene. Neem toothpaste is a mixture of many beneficial ingredients such as baking soda, miswak, ginger, cinnamon, olive oil, and lemon. Baking soda freshens breath and cleans teeth, miswak promotes dental health, ginger and cinnamon contain antioxidants and a good taste, olive oil whitens the teeth, and lemon has strong cleansing properties.  Get a neem toothpaste today and benefit from all these ingredients.

  • Protects, cleanses, and strengthens the gums
  • Vegetable base
  • It is fluoride FREE
  • It has a fresh minty taste
  • Perfect for oral hygiene

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This toothpaste is amazing

This toothpaste is amazing. My teeth were actually whiter in three days.