Obsidian Pendant - Yin and Yang

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You as a whole contain the soul of Yin and Yang, so accomplish an offset of both with this lovely Black Obsidian Necklace. This pendant is perfectly created from the ordinarily happening Volcanic Obsidian and has various recuperating and medical advantages. The mainstream yin-yang image holds its underlying foundations in Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and reasoning. The yin is related to shadows, gentility, and a wave box, while the Yang is the light whirl, addressing brilliance, enthusiasm, and development.


Black Obsidian Chain Necklace is a spiritually enlightening necklace that brings out the inner and positive you. Obsidian is an exceptionally defensive stone and is magnificent for eliminating pessimism by changing and moving negative energy into positive energy. It has potent properties and is superb for delivering harmony that develops in your everyday life.

Obsidian Pendant meaning involves its use as a protective stone promoting the balance of the soul. This accessory and pendant cut "Yin and Yang" in Black Obsidian is a gem of incredible security.

Genuine black Obsidian jewelry contains a characteristic volcanic glass that has excellent mending properties. It is quite possibly the most impressive stones of nature; it expands the existence power, offers energy, brings openings, and scrubs the mystic mist made by your emanation. The stone's excellent supernatural properties shield you from pessimism and stress. It helps you reconnect with your spirit and guides in your life reason. Yin and Yang is the image addressing the two central standards of the Chinese way of thinking. If you observe intently, you can see every one of the minor Chinese compositions, which are images of taichi that address harmony.

  • Bring peace and harmony.
  • Genuine obsidian stone necklace.
  • Handmade carved necklace.
  • Ying Yang styled pendant.


Customer Reviews

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Beret hoove
Yin and Yang

Every person has this two characters inside of them and the necklace is perfectly made to enlighten the nature and nurture for future healing.

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Brenda Williams
Peace of mind

I bought this months ago. I decided to hang it up on the wall in my hallway. I don't know if it's "working" spiritually, but it gives me a peace of mind, and it looks nice.