Orgone Pendant - Tree of Life

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Orgone pendant is upgraded with pyrite gemstones; zinc-aluminum metal; resin-covered orgone Power Pack blend. This tree of life has interconnected roots drenched in the natural fortunes of pyrite. Its leaves stretch upwards to accept another brilliant and splendid day. Pyrite is known for its plentiful properties that are opposition and dependability.


Gold and copper tones radiate characteristics of riches, bliss, and an uplifting perspective on life. The Orgone Pendant tree of life benefits by expanding the sensation of prosperity improves protection from stress, helps mental clearness. Orgone is an energy channel. The charged energies are drawn to metal in the gadget and track through the precious stones that rebuild the power into a more viable path for people to be near. It is a hand-crafted pendant from Incense Pro’s spiritual collection. It permits the piece to continually vibrate at the most noteworthy vibration of light sourced directly from the maker. It is a gift that must finish by a third-degree start that approaches the en-brilliant energy.

The tree of life Orgone is essential for what makes these hallowed energy gadgets unique, exceptional, and uncommon. We have assembled an Integrated light Healing Technology that joins numerous degrees of light enactments, healings, just as different fiery and catalytic properties for a more wide reach in the mending and initiation expressions.

Orgone Pendant tree of life presents a more reformist and developmental innovation for humanity in the current occasions with our rising and transformative cycle. It is a pendant that is a science, a specialty, and a way to better your general surroundings.

Tree of life meaning indicates that this pendant gives fruitful outcomes and helps adjust and renew encompassing energies. A more serene general climate builds, and there are enhancements in wellbeing and essentialness.

  • Help get better sleep.
  • Improves dreams by having more clear dreams.
  • Builds better connections with spiritual beings.
  • Lowers anxiety and pulse.
  • Purifying your own energy field.
  • More grounded arrangement with your higher self.
  • Secures from – dangerous life power energy.