Orgonite Pyramid (Rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz)

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Our pyramids are a source of love and adoration. It reestablishes trust and agreement seeing someone, empowering unqualified love. Rose Quartz orgonite pyramid is usually utilized for adoration aims; consolidating this stone with Amethyst permits you to go significantly more profound. While Rose Quartz interfaces with your heart and frees you up to heart-based love, Amethyst lines up with your brain to work with otherworldly love.


By adjusting your heart and your head to the energy of adoration, this orgonite pyramid more profound self-esteem just as more profound associations with others.

Hold your Rose Quartz and Amethyst pyramid in your grasp and set your affection aim. Then place Amethyst over your third eye and Rose Quartz over your heart for 6 minutes to absorb the energy of adoration to you, body, and soul. Because of its capacity to adjust, Quartz is great for orchestrating and adjusting one's current circumstances. Quartz is additionally helpful for empowering different precious stones. Amethyst is a purple stone that resounds with the Crown Chakra and can assist you with fostering your clairvoyant capacities.

Amethyst pyramid benefits and fortifies the resistant framework. Clear Quartz is the 'Expert Healer' and an incredible recuperating device and energy speaker. It fits every one of the seven chakras and balances, adjusts, and purges the air. Rose Quartz gives consolation and quiet, conjures self-esteem, draws off adverse energies, and replaces them with adoration and solace.

  • It reinforces spiritual mindfulness.
  • It conjures self-esteem.
  • It draws off adverse energies.
  • It balances the heart chakra.
  • W: 3” 

  • H: 2.5”


Customer Reviews

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Asimo takeshi
Rose Quartz

This orgonite pyramid reflects good health and promotes vigor.
Drives off the evil energies and helps to flourish good mood.

Dear Asimo takeshi, Thank you for your review! Rose quartz is a great choice for people looking for a stone that can promote good health and drive away evil energies.

Rion Montana
Draws negative energies

It balanced my heart chakra and created a shield against the negative energies affecting me.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.