Poppy Flower Handmade Fresh incense

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Our Handmade Fresh Incense is the imagery of the poppy bloom as a quieting blossom that comes from old occasions. In many societies everywhere, this bloom is seen as an image of recognition, comfort, and revival.


The poppy flower fresh incense is crafted each in turn with adoration looking like a poppy blossom. It is a fantastic incense stick as it makes a decent highlight to commend your home. All poppy flower incense from Incense Pro is hued independently to ensure that minor subtleties may appear to be unique.

These exceptionally fragrant sticks are produced using individuals who bring you Swagat Incense and Indian Temple Incense. The old specialty of incense making is exemplified in these incense sticks hand-tailored in India of fine powder of sandalwood, gum, roots, and regular blossom oils. Poppy handmade fresh incense is a superb mix with the first poppy blossom aroma and all the more natural connotations.

Poppy Flower Handmade Incense benefits you by raising or shutting out regrettable energy. Poppy flower incense consists of sweet flower fragrances just as traces of zest and vanilla musk. It helps initiate rest, supporting dreamwork and thoughts. The aroma of the poppy flower fresh incense is called bloom of bliss and plant of life; it brings quietness, is sensual, and fills in as a painkiller and cure.

  • It balances stress.
  • It produces positive sensations.
  • It has a beautiful aroma.
  • It stimulates your soul.
  • 1 Pack: Approx 8-10 sticks
  • 3 Pack: Approx 8-10 sticks in each pack
  • Jumbo Pack: Approx 100-120 sticks

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Hugo Cardozo
Love it

Love all of these incense sticks!