Ppure Nagchampa Kamasutra

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Kama Sutra Incense's meaning is that it is a genuinely inspiring scent that rejuvenates the arousing disposition of your loved ones. The fragrance of Kama sutra incense invigorates to open up to the normal sexuality of the body. Support yourself to be astounded and charmed by the rich fragrance, unique flavors, and opposing surfaces of this traditional sweet-smelling Incense.

Profound practice with kama deva help for affection. Kama sutra regularly suggests sexual craving and aching in contemporary writing. Yet, the idea extensively alludes to any craving wish aching enthusiasm delight of the faculties craving aching to and after the stylish satisfaction. Individuals from the confidence take part in the accompanying kinds of journey. Champa is the female fragrance Laxmi – Goddess of riches. Champa is valuable for general agony and torment and adjusting the mind.

Kama sutra Incense has been utilized for millennia to fragrance sanctuaries and in the east as a guide to reflection. The fragrances delivered by the consumption of Incense are perceived by many societies for their quieting, assuaging amounts.

Kamasutra Incense Sticks benefit and assist you with making an environment of harmony and peacefulness. Kamasutra Incense has a delightfully delicate yet full-bodied fragrance, portrayed by a golden flower note with woody tones.         

  • It increases libido.
  • It improves good relationships.
  • It invigorates your senses.
  • It brings harmony to your heart and psyche.
  • Each pack is 15 grams (10/12 sticks in each pack)
  • 12 packs in a box
  • Popular for its aroma

Customer Reviews

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Sandra alisa
Invigorates senses

The aroma is so sweet to induce the partner for love making and improves quite a fantastic relationship with the partner.

Dear Sandra alisa, Thank you for your review of the Pure Nagchampa Kamasutra! We're glad to hear that it invigorates your senses and improves your relationship with your partner.