Gum Benzoin - Pure Resin Incense Stick

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Gum Benzoin incense, as the name suggests, is a relaxing fragrance. It is the profound pathway to enter the Solar Plexus Chakra and find unmatchable balance. Lighting incense sticks is an ancient tradition in numerous cultures throughout history, mainly due to its energies.


The pleasant Benzoin scent makes one want to breathe in more deeply and breathe out all problems and stress. It helps one connect with the moment and with oneself more spiritually and deeply. It makes one feel more at peace, loved, and blessed.

Gum Benzoin resin incense sticks possess the ability to ward off any negative vibrations and make the environment welcoming. Burning Benzoin incense while praying or meditating can significantly enhance the experience as it helps magnify the connection you feel with either yourself or with God.

It spreads healing and protecting energies that should be accepted and embraced for a balanced state of mind. The aroma makes you feel empowered. It aids in enhancing your focus and concentration by clarifying your mind off of any disturbances. Whatever activity you're engaging in, for instance, studying, the aroma will help you study better.

  • Heightens whichever positive mood you are feeling, such as your sexual desire
  • Boosts concentration
  • Relaxing the body, mind, and soul
  • soothing and purifying 
  • 10 sticks