Reversible Oil

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Reversible Oil


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Send that detestable spirit back to where it came from and change your luck now with this fantastic wish/intention oil. At a peaceful time, put a couple of drops of Oil onto your fingertips and say Psalm 64 while highlighting the ground with your right hand. Reversible Oil is a supernatural oil that can switch whatever condition has been shipped off you by your adversary.


Our Reversible Oil can be worn on the body or used to dress one of our Reversible spiritual Candle. Likewise, you can likewise sprinkle this Oil inside or outside your home for triple strength and return any rootwork individuals are doing to you! You can alike dress a spiritual candle to expand the force of the candle-consuming custom.

If you feel as though the evil goal has focused you, especially as a hex, revile, spell, stunt, or curse, Reverse Oil can send this energy directly back to the individual at that point sent them.

The incredible spices in the mix are known to shield and safeguard one from an assault. All the more significantly, they can return them straight back to the sender. Try not to think little of the force of opposing goals. Regardless of whether somebody didn't lay a stunt on you, negative contemplations sentiments actually can have repercussions. Fortunately, this reversible bath oil does everything. It can purify, secure, and send back adverse energy.

  • Reverses the spells.
  • Negative energies are eliminated.
  • Act heavenly when used with spiritual candles.
  • Strengthen your senses.