Rompe Conjuro Spell Breaks Oil

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Our Rompe Conjuro Spell Breaks Oil is something other than an essential security oil! It is stacked with spices, and resins are known to turn around spells, hexes, curses, crossed conditions, and afflictions. Regardless of whether the Evil Eye has influenced you, the objective of malignant goals, or have just been influenced by terrible energy.

Our Spell Breaks spiritual Oil can help switch the impacts, kill the point and give a defensive safeguard to you and the individuals who wish you hurt. It just ousts undesirable powers and goals by returning the energy to its sender.

Spell Breaks Oil has spiritual benefits as it can be worn, put on charms, set in a shower, added to floor wash, blessed on sacred items, or just positioned in the impact points of your shoes. If you are a devotee of Saint Michael or some other defensive deity, rub a little on their picture and update it as often as possible over your front entryway or on the top of your bed.

You may even feel great blessing somewhat directly on an ordinary book of scriptures and setting it under your mattress or pillow! If you want to play out an inversion spell, get a dark candle and a little mirror. Cut the name of the individual who caused you to hurt into the flame, illuminating it in reverse. For this situation, when you bless the candle with Spell Breaker oil, point the tip of the candle toward your adversary.

Bless the wish/intention candle from the lower part of the flame to the top, ensuring the light is pointed away from you and is pointed at the individual who caused you hurt. 

  • Light the candle and recount hymn 101.
  • Reverses the evil spirits.
  • Surrounds you with good vibes.
  • Eliminates negative energy.

Customer Reviews

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Laura Strathem
Provides good vibes

Balances the negative and positive energies with the surrounding environment. Keeps the luck alive.

Dear Laura Strathem, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that our Rompe Conjuro Spell Breaks Oil is providing good vibes and balancing the negative and positive energies with the surrounding environment.

Darek D.
Soothing scent

It can be used with intention candle. Hope these two works for me.
Fingers crossed.