Rose Rope Incense

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Roses represent purity, love, and compassion. Rose rope incense has a pleasant and soothing effect on the surroundings. Rose is a symbol of love, peace, and purity. The floral fragrance helps one get rid of depression, grief, anxiety, and any resentments. It eases your nervous system and promotes a healthier life.


Burning rose rope incense spreads an aura of devotion which enhances meditation and prayer. It will give you a sense of being secure and spiritual alignment. It can help you with insomnia as it promotes sleep, calms your mind, relieves stress and anger, promotes happiness, and has anti-depressive properties. It has no harmful side effects.

Rose rope incense helps strengthen psychic abilities, attract wealth, love, clarity, peace, and prosperity. You can burn it in a rope incense burner or by laying it flat on sand or ash. Burn rose rope incense while meditating, studying, or relaxing, and you will feel how it makes every process calmer and focused.

Incense in the form of ropes is an ancient Nepalese tradition prepared by monks. They are deeply fragranced and help alleviate negative energies. Moreover, they enter new blessings into your life.

  • A floral and sweet fragrance
  • A symbol of love and purity
  • Promotes a clear mind, boosts energy, and balances your body
  • Purifies the air
  • 100% organic

Customer Reviews

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Allisha Espinoza
Strong & long lasting smell

If you love a rose smell and are looking for a natural incense this is the one! The strong rose smell permeates the house long after it's done the burning. Organic too! Also reasonably price!