Rose (White) Body Oil

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Purchasing a rose-scented body oil is one of the best decisions that you will ever make. Floral fragrances are best suited to females who want to make good first impressions. It gives off a delicate, sophisticated yet powerful vibe.


It consists of subtle notes of nasturtium, which is an aroma of fresh floral and leafy scents with a hint of pepper. You are expected to recognize a slight hint of musk and spice too. Their charming bouquet is enough to make anyone fall in love with it. In addition to that, the scent of white rose radiates a note very similar to violets and orrises.

It gives it a sweet and romantic touch that evokes love, sympathy, and love when inhaled. The presence of citrus strengthens this slight feminine touch. The distinct and sharp smell of lemon balances the sweetness of the scent overall.

It helps make it smell clearer and cleaner, so the one who wears it seems organized and well-together. If you have an interview or audition, this is the perfect scent to wear as it lasts a long time and attracts people towards you immediately.

  • A floral and citrusy scent
  • Attracts people
  • Elevates mood
  • Feminine scent
  • Radiates a positive aura

Customer Reviews

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Kenisha Rwar
Anti-depressant Oil

This oil helped me to release my anxiety and depression because it has a very mild aroma with soothing skin developing power to heal. My delicate skin became really shiny after using this oil. It should be used regularly twice a day.

Dear Kenisha Rwar, Thank you for sharing your experience with our Anti-depressant Oil. We're glad to hear that it has helped you to release anxiety and depression and that it has also had a positive effect on your skin. We would recommend using it twice a day for best results.