SAC Coconut Incense Cones

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SAC incense cones are famous for their seductive fragrance. Our range of SAC Coconut Incense Cones is one of the best quality incense cones in the market, as it has an unmatched range of perfumes. The exotic aroma of this product has made it popular among incense lovers. This for sure improves the relationship between you and your partner at a significant level.


This cone comes in a beautifully designed package. It is perfect for aromatherapy practitioners. Exploring this product could make the atmosphere heavenly. The milky, sweet smell of coconut is enough to make you feel like you are on vacation. Give our premium-quality incense cones a try and see for yourself how aromatic and long-lasting our incense cones are.

They are enough to turn your bad day into a good one instantaneously. This light and fresh odor are sure to calm and relax your senses. A tropical coconut aroma never fails to impress everyone. Entice your mind and get rid of the knots in your head. Take a break for yourself and see the results.

  • Cone Incense
  • 10 Incense Cones in each pack
  • 12 packs in each box
  • Sweet-smelling fragrance
  • Perfect for aromatherapy lovers
  • Gets rid of foul smells

Customer Reviews

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Kizzie Howliet
Love the smell

I love the scent of coconuts. Great incense; quick speedy delivery.