Sage & Dragon's Blood

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Mythical Dragon's Blood or mountain sage is just white sage covered with winged Dragon's blood sap. This magnificent smudge stick mixes white sage and mythical Dragon's blood resin, blending two of the most mainstream aromas inside mystical practice to bring spiritual goodness and prosperity. Sage and Dragon's Blood is utilized to add power to spells.

The Dragon's blood sage plant sap has been used for ages for specific purposes. There are records of its utilization among the antiquated Greeks and Romans and India, China, and the Middle East. Sage is utilized in Native American medication.

Mythical Dragon's blood resin is a characteristic plant resin. It's dull red in shading, which is essential for what gives mythical beast's Blood its name. The smoke and fragrance scrubs spaces, making it a great unique raised area as well.

Both Dragon blood and sage benefit, so they are utilized for insurance, clear bad energy, and eliminate evil spirits. A portion of its uses is for wellbeing. It's used as incense or for spiritual purposes. These excellent Sage and Dragons Blood smudge sticks are ideal for purging the home, and body, gathering up adverse energies and reestablishing harmony. White Sage has a beautiful, sweet, fragrant smell known for its mending properties and is an image of immaculateness. Simply the quintessence of regular sage will lift your spirits. Mythical Dragon's Blood is a gum of force and insurance, just as karma, love, filtration, and mental fortitude. Dragon's Blood added to different incenses builds their intensity and power.

  • Effective in spiritual healing.
  • Removes negative energy.
  • Protects from evil spirits.
  • Brings good luck and prosperity.

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    The product was required immediately for a ritual and in this site I think most of the siritual items are present.

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    The sage & dragon blood bundle smell is so good. It came well packaged and in a timely manner.