Sage and Lavender

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This wise and lavender smear stick incorporates Sage and Lavender plant's flowers to add a more profound feeling of quiet and harmony to your space. It is generally gainful for a resting area or distressing home. Sage helps in energy cleansing, diminishes negative energy, and puts the mind in an equilibrium state. Lavender restores passionate harmony, scrubs and makes serene, agreeable surroundings. Is lavender the most notable and broadly loved spice ever? Presumably, and for a valid justification, it's astounding!

Sage and Lavender's benefits are numerous, having mysterious uses, including purifying, clairvoyant insurance, expanding perceptiveness, making the energy of joy and recuperating, filtration, and serenity.

Sage and lavender cleansing properties make it a top-notch smudge stick to make your prayer experience better. Sage purifying is the fastest method to get out adverse energy from the two items and environmental factors. It is one of the most seasoned and most notable spices for energy purifying your home. Other than eliminating negative energy, utilizing sage to cleanse a home assists with killing the power of the space, improving your instinct. This assists with easing your concerns, open your brain, clean up negative contemplations and sentiments and orchestrate the body by reducing the anxiety of your soul.

Lavender has forces of security and purifying. It has generally been utilized in homegrown medication for some irresistible illnesses and soothingly affects the sensory system. Mysteriously it is used for assurance and affection. Lavender brings positive energy, opens the heart chakra, and quiets the psyche. The sage and lavender color and scent are both exceptionally lovely, unwinding, and pulls in cherishing power and heavenly creatures. 

  • Desert sage and lavender are leading to calmness.
  • Promotes peaceful aura.
  • Benefits for sleeping space.
  • Decreases stress.

Customer Reviews

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Venice Whiteker
Best combination

A perfect blend of two therapeutic and spiritual properties containing herbs in one pack. These can help lift spirits and promote a sense of positivity and balance. I liked the blend to keep me clam.

Dear Venice Whiteker, Thank you for your positive review of our Sage and Lavender pack! We're glad you enjoyed the balance of the two herbs, and we hope that using it will help you feel more positive and balanced.

Gozde Mrve
Perfect Blend

Sage and lavender are often combined together in aromatherapy, creating a calming and relaxing scent. The combination is also believed to promote mental clarity and focus. Sage and lavender can also be combined in herbal teas or used in bath products for a soothing and therapeutic experience. I love the blend.

Dear Gozde Mrve, Thank you for your review! The combination of sage and lavender is very calming and relaxing, promoting mental clarity and focus. They make a great herbal tea or bath product.

Ernaci Gull
peaceful bubble creator

Makes the environment stress free and calm. Promotes positive energies in minds.

Dear Ernaci Gull, Thank you for the review! We're glad you're finding our product useful.

Angel juan
Loved it

Loved the sage n lavender herb smudging. It’s unbelievably relaxing. Highly recommended!

Thanks for the review! We're so happy you enjoyed the smudging experience.