Backflow Incense Cone (Big Pack)

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Our big packet of incense cones, including scents like Rose, Lavender, and Sandalwood, are one of the best investments if you want to be sorted for an extended period of time. Each packet contains 25 incense cones of your choice to provide you with a refreshing aromatherapy experience.


Trust us to provide you with relaxing and refreshing aromatherapy sessions. Each cone has a hole in the center from where the smoke goes with the flow and out the bottom when lit. Its enticing aroma is bound to turn your bad day around completely. Invest in our excellent quality incense cones to change the environment of your house and wow your guests.

Forget about your worries and let go of your anxiety while you inhale our alluring smells, which are guaranteed to make you feel better. Unwind and chill as you enjoy your me-time with our outstanding products.

- Cone Incense

- 10 Incense Cones in each pack

- 12 packs in each box

- Ideal for aromatherapy lovers

- Best for meditation and yoga

- Excellent quality incense


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John Patrick
Good quality

These are perfectly sized and work wonderfully!