Sandalwood Red- Pure Resin Incense Stick

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Our resin incense stick will be incense in its generally unadulterated and regular structure. They are acquired from the sap, bark roots, or wood of trees, bushes, and plants. Red Sandalwood Incense Sticks are generally hand-moved from regular spices, oils, and different fixings.

This fragrant natural incense has a clashing cooling smell that is helpful to treat cerebral pains, headaches, fever, spewing, and general shortcomings.

Red sandalwood Incense for cleansing is an intense contribution and help upon the raised area, supporting keeping up with sharpness during contemplation and in any case making contributions to the divine beings. This can be utilized for looking for endowments of mending and love, just as helping with assurance, sanitization, and sanctification overall.

Red Sandalwood, also called heartwood, is a severe, sweet, harsh, cooling smell, valuable in treating headache, fever, vomiting, and general weakness and mental deviations. In Ayurveda and medication framework, it is an astringent and tonic. You can inhale it to heal your soul as there are spiritual benefits of burning incense.

There is a spiritual meaning of burning sandalwood as it secures you from evil and wards off negativity. It helps to enhance spirituality and purifies your soul by soothing it.

  • It improves spiritual connection.
  • It harmonizes feelings.
  • It increases concentration.
  • It aligns chakras.
  • Each stick of this marvelous incense is handcrafted and made of all-natural resins and pure essential oils.
  • Completely hand made in small batches, and sun-dried.
  • No chemical ingredients, additives, or alcohol are used.
  • Each pack coming with 10 sticks of the finest quality Incense.