Satya Dragon's Eye Incense Sticks

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Our incense, made with the bona fide Dragons eye Resin, is ideal for sanitization and custom work! Dragon's eye Incense Sticks quickly fill your home with a powerful and inspiring smell. This deep-rooted fragrance is ideal for setting a heartfelt mindset and is additionally accepted to have solid restorative characteristics.

Similarly, Satya Dragon's eye incense benefits and gives security, influence, and favorable luck. An exceptionally otherworldly aroma, it is utilized for purifying a region or sacred space of negative energies; accordingly, it is a magnificent incense to consume before reflection. You might know this, yet Dragons eye is a tar; its scent helps me a piece to remember golden, however not as sweet.

Dragons eye incense uses include its therapeutic uses, and it's helpful to make ink, which is utilized for spell work. Whether you consume this for otherworldly reasons or only for the fragrance, you will not be frustrated; Dragons eye incense has a highly wonderful smell and is a decent reserve when you don't know what smell state of mind you need.

Satya Dragon's eye fragrance is sweet and delicate, marginally golden like yet a more typical aromas. A superb quieting and a mind invigorating incense. It acts nearly as a direct channel to focus yourself, giving profound care to yourself—Dragon's eye aids to build the intensity of spells for insurance, love, banishing, and sexuality. 

  • It protects your soul.
  • It eliminates negative energy.
  • It gives strength.
  • It aids in meditation and cleansing.
  • Each pack is 15 grams (12 sticks in each pack)
  • 12 packs in a box
  • Popular for its aroma

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Barbara H. Torres
Great Store

Amazing fragrance which lasts for ages. Would definitely recommend & will buy from the seller again, thank you!

Thank you!