Satya- Oodh Incense Sticks

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Satya Nagchampa Oudh incense sticks have a powerful and musky Oudh fragrance. It is perfect for setting a divine tone for self-care activities, such as meditation. Satya formulates these incense sticks out of high-quality ingredients.

They are made by experts using the masala technique. Oudh is famous for helping relieve stress and gaining mental clarity. It helps enter the third eye chakra and beyond while soothing at a spiritual level. Oudh has medicinal properties as well.

It serves as a tonic, anti-asthmatic, relieves epilepsy, aphrodisiac, carminative, diuretic, etcetera. Burning these incense sticks is perfect while working with Earth elements, gathering your energy, and spreading a sense of serenity in your space.

It helps elevate rituals and spell casting ceremonies as well. Oudh incense has the power of raising energy and creating a magical atmosphere. It is a celebration of spiritual empowerment.

Nagchampa Oudh incense sticks sanctify the space and cleanse the atmosphere from any low vibrations. It promotes deep relaxation. The rich Oudh scent helps ease obsessive behavior by calming the nerves and relieving any mental or physical tensions.

  • It soothes the nervous system
  • Eradicates any low vibrations
  • Smells rich, divine, and royal
  • It helps harmonize the environment
  • Perfect for meditation
  • Each pack is 15 grams (12 sticks in each pack)
  • 12 packs in a box
  • Popular for its aroma

Customer Reviews

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Ms Franco
AH MAZ ING scent!! Love it~

So, while the scents I bought from Incense Pro are simply wonderful exotic scents I very much enjoy in my home, they are pricey given how short they are lengthwise, which of course means they don't burn as long, which means I must burn more of them to keep the scent going. This ain't my first Incense rodeo; I am a frequent buyer of incense & accustomed to getting a lot more bang for my incense buck. Also, your packaging is quite excessive; a bubble wrap-lined mailing envelope would've held my order just fine and cost less for me and for you. As much as I love the scents, I won't be ordering again. Best Wishes to you, though~


The incense are wonderful!


Tonia Ditzler
love the smell

Love this fragrance and it has a long burning time, this is my second purchase

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One of the good incense store near the hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The incense sticks are cheap rate. Last week I brought some items from this store. The aroma is very good. I definitely buy again from this store because I comared with another store those price is very high but products is same. Highly recommend to Incense & Aromatherapy lover.