Selenite Orgonite Crystal Ball

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Selenite Orgonite crystal is profoundly accepted to fortify your capacity to associate with the spiritual world. It helps in contemplation and improves clairvoyance, reconnecting you to the higher force and assisting with your profound development.

Selenite Orgone Crystal Sphere produced Selenite Crystals, minerals, metal, copper, and gold packed into Resin to make this Orgone Sphere. Orgone transforms negative energy into positive energy, making it a crucial one to be helpful in meditation. You can impart energy in your mending space, office, or home by putting Selenite Orgone crystal ball. Utilize this circle during contemplation; place it on your gem framework to enact the matrix or your Sacred Altar.

Selenite is a high-energy precious stone, while orgonite provides EMF protection. This group brings the defensive component of the widespread life power to you in a fantastic manner. Please put it in a focal spot in your home to carry spiritual security to the house. Selenite is a solidified type of Gypsum, which is utilized for best of luck and protection.

The unique vibration of Selenite can clear, open, and initiate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is brilliant for a wide range of profound work. Use Selenite around your home or toward the sides of a space to make a protected and serene space. Selenite orgonite crystal ball benefits by eliminating energy blocks from physical and etheric bodies.

  • Its weight is 9oz.
  • It helps eliminate adverse energy.
  • It's a home stone arrangement.
  • It provides spiritual enlightenment.

Notes: Stand doesn't come with the order. It's only for the display. 


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Matt Jhonson
Removes harmful effects

It is believed to enhance mental clarity, improve communication, and promote spiritual growth. Orgonite is thought to balance the flow of energy in space, reducing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and other types of energy pollution.

Dear Matt Jhonson, Yes, Selenite is believed to have many benefits for the mind and spirit. It is also known to help to clear energy and pollution, making it a great choice for individuals who are looking to improve their well-being.

Riba Benedict
Rare quality product

Helped me through the path of spiritual healing and awakening.
Hot deal for sure.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.