Spiral Tower (White Selenite)

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Selenite is a solidified type of Gypsum, which is utilized for best of luck and insurance. The unique vibration of Selenite can clear, open, and initiate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is incredible for a wide range of spiritual work. Selenite can likewise be utilized to fortify the memory.


Selenite spiral wand assists with purging energy by changing adverse to positive and offers clairvoyant insurance to the home. Because of its exceptional powerful properties and capacity to charge itself, Selenite is perhaps the most famous precious stone used to purge and re-energize different gems. Re-energizing and purging free your gems of any harmful or undesirable energies that can develop over the long run. 

Selenite spiral meaning is the lackluster and straightforward assortment that shows a sheen like a pearl. Precious stones are ordinary and frequently accept an even propensity. "Glossy silk Spar" comes from total stringy smaller veins. This assortment has a very glossy silk appearance that gives these precious stones a play of light. 

The long, fine precious stones show bends, and a few examples twist into twisting's called "Selenite Unicorn Horn." Selenite brings mental clarity, clearing disarray and uncovering the master plan behind issues—a defensive stone, Selenite spiral tower benefits and safeguards an individual or space from outside impacts.

  • Its size is 6".
  • It advances harmony and quiet.
  • It gives clearness.
  • It clears obstructed energy.
  • It hoists the soul.
  • Assists you with getting to your instinct.

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