Tank Drum with Drumsticks

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The activity is essential, learning is quick, and it tends to begin in a short time, so you can have a superior encounter and find the new sentiments that the music of our tongue drumsticks brings you.


The Tank Drum with Drumsticks creation is made of titanium steel composite, which is sturdy in management, not handily eroded paint doesn't strip off. It has an excellent appearance, which can adequately expand the help life item.

Our Drum pack accompanies a drum sack, simple to convey; you can take the drum anyplace, appropriate for voyaging and going out. You can utilize the joined drumsticks to hit the tongue to make a lovely strong. The tone is ethereal and delightful, which can bring you profound purging. The lines are sensitive, straightforward and exquisite, flexible, reasonable for music schooling, mental restoration, yoga and reflection, and different fields.

Tank Drum with Drum Sticks benefits you in meditation exercises. Sound healing can ease the pressure, bring the body into balance, quiet uneasiness, lessen torment, upgrade unwinding, increment great luck, eliminate negative energy, advance better rest, and assist youngsters with recuperating injury and ailment. Like yoga, sound healing use of tank drum with drumsticks in daily life affects the body, brain, and soul.

  • It's six inches, eight tunes hand pan drum.
  • It is made up of steel.
  • The package contains drumsticks, a finger cover, a carrying back, and a tutorial book.
  • Best quality guaranteed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Priyanka Joshi
Beautifully crafted

The design of the drum makes it alluring and the material which is the core ingredient of this product is composite titanium which makes it more durable and produces perfect pitch. I am loving it. Can't recommend it more.

Dear Priyanka Joshi, Thank you for your kind words! We're thrilled that you're enjoying our Tank Drum with Drumsticks - it's a beautifully crafted instrument that produces great sound. Thanks again for your review.

Ankit Reza
Handy product

The drum set came with a small handy bag with it which makes the product easily transportable. Made of steel and durable.

Dear Ankit Reza, Thanks for the review! We're glad you're happy with the product.

Jason Sam
Soothing tone

It helped our group a lot during meditation and increases our concentration amazingly.