Tiger's Eye Bracelet

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Tiger's Eye Bracelet

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Tiger’s Eye:
  • Brings insight into complex situations
  • Protects from negative energies
  • Helps focus the mind
  • Attracts good luck
  • Can deepen one’s meditative state
  • Grounds and centers personal energy
  • Dispels fears
  • Promotes mental clarity

Tiger’s eye is a protecting stone. It has a powerful, dynamic power with a watchful quality to it. Specific colors of tiger’s eye stone — from golden yellow to deep reds — will specific, in extraordinary stages, strengthening and grounding energies. Tiger’s eye also has a mystical, opalescent pleasant to it, and the aggregate of strong black coloration stripes with shimmering golds, browns, and reds make for a totally special stone indeed.

Uniqueness of Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s eye is a fave in terms of protective stones. The watchful eye energy of the tiger’s stone has long been used in various styles of jewelry and defensive domestic decor. In contrast to other shielding stones, including carnelian or black tourmaline, as an example, tiger’s eye also can assist stability and clean emotions, therefore contributing to a peaceful thought and nonviolent disposition.
Where in Does Tiger’s Eye Come from?
Most of the tiger’s eye stones come from India, US, South Africa and Australia.

- Order might come little different than the picture as it is a handmade item.
- Mentioned price are for one PIECE.
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