Tom Ford - Bitter Peach (Floral) Body Oil

  • Tom Ford - Bitter Peach (Floral) Body Oil

Tom Ford - Bitter Peach (Floral) Body Oil


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Are you not able to afford Tom Ford’s expensive perfume line? Don’t worry; Incense Pro has got your back. Now, the authentic smell of Tom Ford’s bitter peach scent is available at the lowest price you could find in the market. Not only that, Incense Pro makes sure to maximize benefits in each product.


This warm, citrusy, and spicy odor is available in the form of body oil. So now, our beloved customers can smell profoundly stunning and luxurious while they attract every person who passes by them, all of this while staying within their budget. How cool is that? We have made sure the various notes of cardamom and vanilla accompany its juicy notes, so your sense of smell stays captivated.

Purchase it today to thoroughly enjoy the experience of smelling rich and alluring at every party or event. Massaging it after every shower will help your skin feel nourished and pampered. Apart from that, it has a floral side to it due to the addition of Jasmine, which adds a gentle feminine touch to it. To balance the overbearing bitter peach fragrance, floral helps to lighten it, so it does not end up irritating you in any way.

  • The fruity and juicy aroma
  • Nourishes mind, body, and soul
  • Radiates a fun and summery vibe
  • The smell lasts for a long time
  • Takes care of skin tissue
  • Perfect oil for massage

No return or refund for OILS; all sales are FINAL SALE. Incense Pro highly recommends, to order smallest quantity, when you are ordering for the first time.