Tower Lamp (White Selenite)

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Selenite crystal tower lamp delivers from a usually clear or obscure type of precious gypsum stone. Light goes through it is anything but a warming gleam. In its regular structure, the Selenite Selenite has been dug out to make an exciting light.


The pinnacle impact is accomplished by parting and chipping along a normal selenite surface known for its mitigating impact on your sensory system. Feeling the light flood of energy when holding Selenite might be perhaps the speediest approach to change over a gem doubter. You can use selenite bars in your reflection practice as quieting and enhancing components around the house. 

The conceivable outcomes of putting a selenite tower lamp are unending from your living region to rooms and sacred spaces. Since Selenite brings light into any play, the selenite lamp improves its light energy. Turning on a selenite lamp tower benefits, you spiritually raises the vibration of whatever climate it is in and wraps the room in pure white light. It is quite possibly the best and generally excellent approach to filter energy and establishes a soothing climate.

If you have a small room or a tiny corner committed to your consecrated space, our best selenite lamp adds an incredibly high vibrational energy. At the point when you are contemplating, journaling, or consolidating other profound practices, the selenite light fills your soul with light. 

  • Its height is 12”.
  • Its width is 4”.
  • It helps accomplish clarity of mind.
  • It promotes peace.

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Randolph Lorren
Calm my mind

Brings peace to me and helps me to connect with my soul.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.