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  • 1 piece
  • Color: Blue-green
  • Birthstone: December
  • Zodiac: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius (Ancient)
  • Planet: Venus, Jupiter
  • Energies: Luck, Love, Protection, Healing
  • Chakra: 5
  • Anniversary Stone: 11

The relationship, self-information. Improves meditation, circulate and spirit circumstance. Its coloration is said to change whilst the person has a health trouble. It’s additionally said to behave immediately in the pores and skin cells, softening and rejuvenating them.

Energy, safety from harm, psychic sensitivity and connection to the spirit global. If given a turquoise via a loving buddy, that stone might guard the wearer against bad strength and bring true fortune. The turquoise is the image of friendship. It also brings peace to the home.

This stone is a totally non-public and significant stone to one who wears it. Turquoise takes at the traits of the owner.

Recovery homes of Turquoise

  • Neutralizes over-acidity
  • Alleviates rheumatism, gout, belly troubles, viral infections
  • Will increase growth, muscular strength
  • Alleviates ache, relaxes cramps
  • Consists of anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects
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