Velas Astrales- Corderito Manso

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Being a social animal, you need people around you to develop relationships that strengthen and support you. We aim to provide you with the best wish/intention candles that essentially function to soothe your senses, giving a stimulating impact on your soul.


Lighting Velas Astrales Corderito Manso candle with spiritual expectations cautions the heavenly that you are requesting help. It will make an air of vigorous use. When you feel stressed, that energy isn't just communicated in the auric field; it can penetrate the general climate, which can unintentionally be gotten once more, even after contemplation. Consuming the flame of the Manso candle can assist you with supporting the advantages of your reflection and keeps you from unexpectedly reigniting internal stress once more.

Corderito Manso has spiritual benefits that aid you to have a powerful influence on the person you love. It has powerful benefits for maintaining your relationships.

  • Maintains a good relationship.
  • Helps fulfill desires.
  • Tame sheep.
  • Influences your loved ones.
  • This candle is used for having a good relationship. Use this candle to attract your loved ones. Good for keeping and developing relationship.
  • Achiever Achieve the objectives that have been proposed.
  • Powerful influence over your loved one.
  • Tame sheep.

Customer Reviews

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Norwici Naro
Lover's candle

The candle keeps the lovers close and induces lovemaking. Has powerful influence on people.

Dear Norwici Naro, Thank you for your review. We are glad to know that our candle is having a positive impact on your love life.


This is my favourite brand of candles. The smell radiates through the full room! I have tried 3 different scents and enjoy each of them.