Velas Astrales Kama Sutra

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Experience the kind of love that you never had before! This Kama Sutra candle does wonders to your soul and body. Enlighten your faculties of love and affection that mysteriously allow you to devote your heart and spirit to the one you love and adore the most.

This Velas Astrales Kama Sutra Candle benefits by strengthening the capability to fall in love with your friends and family. Attract the positivity and pure vibes of your environment, saying goodbye to the negative and evil spirits that destroy your inner peace.

This kama sutra candle uses to maintain and identify idea relationships that help you grow and support you in hard times. The flame of the Velas Astrales Kama Sutra candle gives out a mild and refreshing aroma that aids in creating a blessed environment promising spiritual goodness. If at any moment you feel you are losing your energy and your business life is not up to date, light up this scented candle that provides spiritual enlightenment leading to attain happiness and makes you think optimistic about your life. Focus on the brighter side of life that makes you feel positive towards achieving your objectives.

  • Top-quality candle.
  • Light and stimulating aroma.
  • Helps promote a sense of positivity.
  • Spiritually enlightens your soul.
  • This candle is used for having a good relationship. Use this candle to attract your loved ones. Good for keeping and developing relationships.
  • Achiever Achieve the objectives that have been proposed.

- Mentioned price is for 1 PIECE.


Customer Reviews

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Joan Bnette
Love inducing

Induction of lovemaking between partners is the main purpose of this candle. Soothing aroma to entice the partner.

Dear Joan Bnette, Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that the Velas Astrales Kama Sutra candle is effective in inducing lovemaking between partners.

Good quality

Very satisfied with this product.