Venus Wish Oil

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Our Venus Wish Oil contains the most hallowed spices and oils related to the Roman Goddess of Love! We add numerous other love-related herbs and oils known to help reinforce one's relationships and desires.


Our high power Wishing Oil can help individuals searching out another relationship, especially with a rich accomplice. Yet, for those of you who want to increase your ladylike forces, check this oil out containing florals and sandalwood. Indeed, Venus was appealed to by the individuals who searched out their impact on an adoration-related issue that frequently included issues of richness, temptation, marriage, and sexual ability.

Our wish/intention oil is spectacular to use for anything with magnificence, sexuality, faithfulness, fascination, force, and commitment. It's ideal to use the individuals who wish to get their darlings to cling to them and can be utilized by the individuals who want to pull in a reliable friend. It is also known as the oil of wealth as it increases your well-being by maintaining wealth.

Our Venus Oil can be worn on the body, set in a shower, or blessed on ornaments or charms. Rub some on your raised area or your divination instruments. Friday is the most important day to summon the Goddess Venus. Discover an image of her and spot it on your particular raised area. At the point when prepared, light the candle and request that Venus intervene for your sake.

  • Attracts love and soulmate.
  • Spiritual oil yet seductive and sensual.
  • Helpful in aromatherapy to soothe stress.
  • It contains natural vitamin E and is used in diffusers and spiritual baths.
  • Love and soul mate attraction. Seductive and sensual yet wise and spiritual.
  • Exotic florals, sensual sandalwood, and a touch of Indian spice.
  • Aromatherapy-Grade Essential Oils in Pure, Refined Sweet Almond Oil with Natural Vitamin E.
  • Apply Generously to the skin, anoint a candle, or use in a healing bath. Not for use in Diffusers.

Customer Reviews

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Oishi R.
Soulmate oil

This oil keeps the partner close and helps to find soulmates. The exotic floral scent keeps the mood in lovemaking.

Dear Oishi, thank you for your review of the Venus Wish Oil! We're happy to hear that it has been helpful in keeping your partner close and helping to find soulmates. The exotic floral scent is sure to keep the mood in lovemaking!

I love the smell

I love this one particularly. I have two others and this one is my absolute favourite. I love this one particularly. I have two others and this one is my absolute favourite. I love the smell.