Wish Candle - Chuparrosa

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Burn our Chuparrosa candle to bring you an ideal love, founded in honesty and truth.

Just as the Hummingbird gathers sweet nectar burn our Chuparrosa candle to attract true love.  

This candle works well for the following goals:

  1. Removing negativity and blockages from a relationship.
  2. Sweetening a Relationship.
  3. Creating a clear path toward success and love in a relationship.
  4. Enriching romantic relationships.
  5. Working toward fidelity in a relationship.
  6. Enhancing purity, honesty, and genuine connection in a romantic relationship

Customer Reviews

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Robin A H
Authentic Product

This product keeps the negativity away till the last drop. Also, has the power to create an aura of positivity and keep people close.

Dear Robin A H, Thank you for the positive review! We're glad to hear that our Wish Candle - Chuparrosa is keeping you and your friends close and positive.

Hanna M.
Real good

Mu wishes didn't come true but it radiated my small tample well.