Wish Candle - Destructor Negro

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This fantastic candle is what you have dreamt of all this time! Destructor negro candle from Incense Pro is a spell breaker and breaks all the bad luck that comes your way. Your spiritual health needs to be your priority when it comes to your daily health care regimen. Use our wish candles to protect your mind and body from harm and evil causes because of your enemies that surround you.


The flame of the destructor negro is scented and is a unique candle that is super-charged by fragrant wax resin rocks. Its uses include its incorporation for money, good luck, and assurance against misfortune and negative energies. Consume this flame if you want to be liberated from all the trouble that is holding you down.

This scented candle annihilates and destroys all misfortune and evil inside you or the hurt inflicted by your closed ones. Get ready to conquer the evil spirits, bad lucks, fears, curses or spells, jinx, or hex that is put upon you. The impacts of black magic can be eliminated and soothe the aches and pains of your body when you use our destructor negro spiritual candle. All addictions and bad habits are destroyed when you make this candle a part of your routine.

We ensure you of our candles because this amazing shower will destruct or obliterate any demonic powers or vibrations or aims that anybody is attempting to send your direction. Be liberated from all wretchedness and hurt lastly, feel great, once more unequivocally! Confidence works with supernatural occurrences. Of intense use in ensuring against all way of negative energy Black Destroyer Oil can be utilized in ceremonies to annihilate curses, contempt, feelings of hatred, jealousy, and malicious aim.

  • Best quality ensured.
  • Scented flame for invigorating your senses.
  • Unmatched wish candles variety.
  • Destroys negative spirits that are around you.
  • Spell Breaker, Bad Luck Breaker, Against Harm, Evil, Enemies, and Envy.
  • This black destroyer/destructor Especially fixed & scented candle comes with Super-Charged highly fragrant wax resin rocks.
  • An additional prayer to St. Martin is included for money, luck, and protection against bad luck and evil.
  • Burn this candle if you would like to be free of all the bad luck that is keeping you down. Destroys and Destructs all bad luck & evil inside you or near yo

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