Wish Candle - Miel de Amor

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Consume our multi-day uniquely scented Miel de Amor candle to fortify the connection among you and your better half and keep them devoted to you. Burn this Miel de Amor candle to stir your heartfelt connection. Consume an adoration nectar enchantment light to pull in affection or to discover a darling. This candle has an astral essence of love that holds magical powers of infatuation and love.


Lighting our wish candles during reflection is a magnificent method to help your meditation and prayers. Make a wish with this candle for sweetening and purifying your heart like honey. There are numerous representation activities and sign procedures that include focusing on the flame of Miel De Amor consuming candle while sending your aims into the universe. Candles are likewise utilized during supplication.

The honey love that our candle imparts stands for the sweet love that you desire in this life. Unite with your closed ones to make yourself feel spiritually enlightened during the meditation practices. It helps concentrate you into your wishes and desires that need to be accomplished for relaxing your faculties.

  • Honey like a pure and sweet candle.
  • Spreads love and affection.
  • Attracts your loved ones.
  • Help make wishes that you want to get fulfilled.
  • Aids in sweetening your heart.
  • Honey love
  • Con feromonas
  • This candle was prepared with astral essence of love, which has magical powers of attraction and infatuation.
  • Instructions: Concentrate on the wish you would like to be true, light the candle and recite these words: "With this candle, I sweeten your heart, the way the nectar sweetens my heart.
  • May you only think of me as I will only be thinking of you. And may all the fruits of this union be as sweet as our love.

Customer Reviews

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Clare Casteel
Sweet candle

Honey like sweet aroma and promotes longevity. Aids in heart melting towards the partner and make love.

Dear Clare Casteel, This candle smells sweet and is great for promoting longevity and making love. It has a honey-like aroma that is sure to melt your heart.

Sweet smell !

This candle is awesome. Great smell. Sweet and light ! Love it .

Thanks for your wonderful words!!