Wish Candle - Trabajo Fijo

  • Wish Candle - Trabajo Fijo

Wish Candle - Trabajo Fijo


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The Trabajo Fijo candle is a critical job gaining candle that makes your workplace a productive place to perform regular activities. It is a seven-day spiritual scented candle that improves your job by spiritually awakening your senses. Consuming our wish candles can turn into an individual customer to focus on tasks and unwinding.

We promise that our Trabajo Fijo candle has spiritual benefits that positively affect psychological wellbeing and can be matched with other wellbeing exercises like journaling and doing yoga by candlelight. Make a particular spot in your home for lightening your senses, so you stay active during the whole day in your workplace. Picking the correct candle says volumes regarding what your identity is. Besides, they emphasize any room wonderfully.

The flame of the Trabajo Fijo candle helps your mind to exclude all the negative thoughts and energies. You must focus on what you desire in your life and then how to act in a certain way to accomplish your heart's wishes. The clear psyche will lead to you performing daily-life activities effectively.

  • Superb quality candle.
  • Helps release stress.
  • Clears mind and soul.
  • Helps achieve objectives and wishes.

Seven day spiritual scented candle Steady Job – Vela Espiritual de Esencia Trabajo Fijo by Mas Alla is 100% Original.  Comes prepared with a steady job essence.


  • Light up a candle in a safe location out of the reach of children or pets.
  • As you burn the candle clear your mind from negative thoughts and energies, focus on your desires, and draw up a metal image on how you will accomplish your wishes.
  • Repeat these steps every time you light up the candle.