Wish Oil - Contra Dano

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Wish Oil - Contra Dano


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Our Contra Dano Wish Oil is wonderful to utilize when there is something you wish to get. Made with traditional wishing spices and oils, our Wish/ intention Oil contains all you may require to play out the ideal custom or spell.


Honestly, this oil was regularly utilized to expand one's spiritual goals and attract one's most profound cravings. It is extraordinary to use all alone yet in addition functions admirably when joined with different oils.

It's additionally marvelous to use related to petitions to Saints or Deities. The power of this oil is adequately ready to change your condition. It lifts your demeanor and brings a state of calm. Besides hoodoo and dark enchantment, the Contra Dano oil benefits your soul as it has a fundamental spot in explicit religions. It's used during exacting functions and petitions.

The energy of this spiritual oil is an immediate aftereffect of its tone and aroma. It wards off evil and is for protection, birth, power, shock, fire, genuine love, mental determination, and purple for obsolete shrewdness, otherworldliness, and goal. So what is stopping you from getting this holy oil?

  • Gives positive vibes.
  • Maintains healthy well-being.
  • Connects you to the spiritual world.
  • Wards off negative spirits.