Which incense is best for me

Which incense is best for me?

Feb 02, 2021
What is incense exactly?

Incense is something that one would burn for its Aromatherapy benefits as well as for spiritual purposes; in fact, incense has been a part of rituals for centuries. Burning incense is very popular for meditation and ceremony. In ancient times, people believed it to have the power to appease the gods with its pleasant aromas. The word incense originated from the Latin “incendere” which means “to burn” smell is a scented substance that releases fragrant smoke. Some of the incense are good for repelling insect as well as for evil spirits or demons.

What are some of the benefits of burning incense at home?

  • One of the many reasons why people would burn incense at home is to relax and unwind. Nothing feels better than giving yourself time and space after a long day at work. Some studies have shown that inhaling smoke can have a calming effect on your nervous system. Evoke a state of serenity and calm by burning incense and make your whole house smell beautiful. Sandalwood, Peppermint, Patchouli, Pine is very good for this purpose.
  • Burning Incense before meditation and/or prayer is very effective. It cleanses the air and also burning incense clear the energy in the air. Frankincense, Frankincense-myrrh, Sage & Copal, Blue Sage are very good incense to burn during this time.
  • To reduce your stress levels just by inhaling, aromatherapy is a fantastic way to soothe your senses, Lavender is very good for that. Inhaling incense will decrease heart rate and breathing. It will relax the mind to untie all the knots inside your head. Keep your anxieties away for a while. Encourage your mind to let go of all the worries.
  • To improve mental performance and boost creativity, burning incense is the way to go. Not only does it stimulate ideas and enhances your abilities, but you will also notice heightened senses. It’s a perfect partner while you work, study, or write because it motivates you.
  • Burning incense is known to enhance mental focus, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Lemon are very effective for this purpose. When your mind is jumping from one place to another, encourage it to relax and increase focus. Produce a better result of whatever you are working on by increasing concentration. Inhaling incense can have a positive impact on your attention span.
  • It can also help you sleep a goodnight’s sleep. Allows you to drift off when your mind has absorbed many things. Make sure to burn the incense 30 minutes before you sleep. It will create a peaceful atmosphere that will promote a restful night’s sleep.
  • Perfect for when you have a guest coming over. Make your house feeling wonderful by burning an incense 15 minutes before a visitor comes. Many incenses’ contain antibacterial properties that purify the air from contagions and harmful pollutants. Eradicate the dust in your house that may contribute to allergies by burning some incense.

What are the best ingredients to look for (or avoid) when shopping for incense and why?

There are so many types of incenses available that it can become quite confusing when deciding which one to buy. It is difficult how to start and who to trust. We will try our best to guide you to find the exact thing you are looking for. Finding a high-quality incense can be a challenge. The best types of fragrances are usually the ones made with 100% natural materials. Purchase the one made with pure resin/herbs. We would suggest you avoid using ones that contain “bamboo core” The bamboo core can make the fragrance smell smoky. To invest in cleaner and whiter smokes, beware of the bamboo core incenses. Avoiding chemical-infused incenses could be a good idea. Resin incense are the purest form of incense. These resin incense are burnt on the charcoal, light the charcoal with the torch lighter or put in on the stove and put few pieces of the resin incense on top of the charcoal.

What are some of the most famous incense fragrances? What makes each of them unique?

  • Sandalwood: It has a distinctive soft, smooth and warm wood scent. Its exclusive smell has been sought after for its meditative, healing, and purifying qualities. It is known to enhance the vibe of any room. People often use this to impress their guests. It is known to uplift the spirits of whoever inhales it. It helps in treating anxiety and depression.
  • Lavender: It is very good for the body and mind, it makes both of them calm and in control. Very effective for reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Rose: Opens the heart chakra, good for divine energy, divinity. Deliver romantic and pleasant aroma around the place.
  • Frankincense: It is known to be a “pure incense” which is why it is one of the most desirable incenses. Make the aroma of your house earthy by burning Frankincense. You might also notice a spicy and fruity nuance in its odor. Its comforting fragrance is known to stimulate the immune system.
  • Myrhh: It is known to have an aromatic woody and medicinal smell. Its warm and sweet odor will cool your senses. It offers relief for coughs, blocked noses, and colds. It also promotes positive feelings and provokes the feeling of being grounded.
  • Peppermint: This incense is very good for clearing the air. Helps in reducing and removing muscle tension and headache.

Any insight on the different forms of incense? Are there non-aesthetic differences between each?

Directly Lighting Incense:

  • Stick Incense: These incenses are proportional to stick lengths, as the name suggests. It is also possible to adjust the burning time by reducing the stick’s length. Due to its uniform thickness, its scent diffuses evenly.
  • Cone Incense: It diffuses the scent of its fragrance quickly. The top of the cone burns. As time goes, the odor released increases. The burnt portion reaches the larger part of the cone.
  • Coil Incense: If you want to scent a large area, opting for a coil incense is the best decision because it has a long burning time.

Heating Incense/Indirect Burning Incense:

  • Resin Incense: These are the resin or fruit from tree, which has different spiritual properties. These are the purest form of incense, these are mostly burnt in the brass burner, on a lighted charcoal.
  • Powder Incense: These are popular for its purity and variety of fragrances.
  • Kneaded Incense: This is traditionally used for the Japanese Tea ceremony. It is blended, kneaded, and left in earthenware for some years. Its milky and sweet scent is heated using charcoal.
  • Pressed Incense: This is relatively new type of Incense, used new technology. These type of incense recipes are filled with different mols or containers and then heated with charcoal.

Waterfall or Backflow Incense: This incense has changed the notion of incense smoke appearing while burning an incense. Usually when we light incense the smoke goes up, but in these incenses the smoke falls down. Soothing for eye, very effective before doing meditation. For backflow incense, it is recommended to use Backflow Incense Burner. The combination of these two will give the most impact for this kind.

Without heating or burning incense:

Sachet: Incense is powdered in a cloth pouch. It is used to scent a room, clothes, or drawers. You should expect a mild fragrance as it releases odor in its natural, unheated state.

Any direction for our readers about how to pick which incense is right for their home?

It’s better to choose incense which are healthy. It’s better to go for the purest form of incense (resin incense, powder incense), if possible. Sometimes, it also nice to choose what is pleasing for our body and mind both in that case Backflow Incense or Waterfall Incense are nice. It’s better to avoid the incense which would produce an overpowering smell, such odors are likely to cause headaches. 

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