Honey Love Miel De Amor Prayer Candle

Honey Love Miel De Amor Prayer Candle For Romance

Nov 06, 2022

Miel de Amor is a Spanish term that means Honey of Love or Honey Love that, however, fulfill man’s ancient desires to attract people or lure the loved one to enhance their connection. It was done using solid pheromones from nature’s wildest sources, like spices and aphrodisiac animal fats. And it has an influential impact on people and their personal lives. 

Many products are made to create the magical moment you want with your partner. But from which Miel de Amor Intention Oil and Miel de Amor Intention Candle stand out grandiosely. Miel de Amor/Honey Love’s products are pretty well known for their effectiveness, but the quality product can obviously show the intended effect. That’s where a metaphysical shop takes the entry, and Incense Pro is one of the best quality goods providers in Los Angeles. Here at Incense Pro, we carry the following:

Miel de Amor- Intention Candle

Miel de Amor- Intention Oil

The intention is the dire desire of your heart to fill up the void, which requires extreme focus and energy. This is what can bring the universe towards your victory. This can be used in direct rituals or on the skin at different places to feel special and lure the loved one towards you. It can be used in very different ways, but the followings are some –

  • Few drops with your lotion, body wash, or shampoo
  • Few drops directly on the skin at specific places 
  • Few drops to anoint a statue, charm, amulet, or else
  • Few drops with essential oil burning or in a diffuser

Miel de Amor Intention Candle can strengthen and enhance devotedness in the loved one. This intention candle has the cosmic essence of love and power that holds magical infatuation and love. This Miel de Amor/Honey Love Intention Candle can bring about a very influential heartfelt connection and attachment out of the partners and somehow forms a celestial bond.

Lighting the candle and placing it during the spiritual, physical, or mental bonding shows the results. The bonding becomes everlasting and divine. Partner’s heartache relieves through the perfect bond-making pathway. 

Miel de Amor/Honey Love, the best thing in the world, helps create special and heavenly bonds. In addition, the Miel de Amor or Honey Love products can easily be found near you from the best aromatherapy and spiritual shop, Incense Pro.

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