Health Benefit and uses of Body Oil, Essential Oils, Burning Oils

Jan 25, 2020

Body oils are the liquids that when applied in the skin produce the necessary hydration making skin healthy and beautiful. Best body oils are the ones that are derived from plants or natural resources and are free from harsh chemicals.

Skin is the largest organ of our body. To keep skin moisturized around the year can be difficult sometimes. Winters, lack of proper hydration and exposure to the sun are the factors that squeeze the necessary moisture from the skin making it rough and dry. Body oils are the oils that satisfy the quench of skin thirst. They enhance the moisture level of the skin and make the skin quality good. They are smooth and thick liquids that provide moisturization throughout the day. The best body oils are the one which is organic in nature, as they are chemical-free and extracted from the plant's parts. Body oils use for skin dryness problems, prevent skin irritations, help dealing patches on the skin, provide necessary antioxidants, helps in eliminating stretch marks and also it has skin-healing powers. 


Essential oils are the natural volatile compounds. Such oils are used in the aromatherapies. The best essential oils come from various plants and their parts. Essential oils flavors include eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, rosemary, lavender, and many other useful essential oils.

Essential oils are the concentrated liquids that are lipid in nature and are volatile compounds. They are extracted from a variety of plants. These oils have stronger fragrances and also, they comprise of the high level of the active ingredient. Essential oils used in aromatherapies and also in naturopathy. The best essential oils come in a variety of forms that depend on the plant from which they are extracted like essential oils can be wood oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, Levander oil, rosemary oil, and many others. There are many ways by which these essential oils are extracted to the oil form, this includes the extraction process, distillation process, and expression process. Such oils contain ingredients that are oil-soluble that’s why they do not feel like very oily when subjected to touch. 


Burning oils are the scent oils that are used either with oil burners or dabbed on the electric lamps, producing fragrances. These fragrance oils make the room or working environment pleasant and uplift the mood.

Burning oils are the fragrant oils that are created for burning in the diffuser. These oils add beautiful and sensational fragrances to the room or your workplace. They come with splendid different aromas that make you relax and stress-free. Burning oils are used in aromatherapies that support wellbeing and health. Burning oils use are versatile like they can be used to create air fresheners, burn-in oil burners for diffusing in the room. The burning oils are when placed at some heating place they start diffusing the fragrances thus making the room a pleasant-smelling environment to work on. They can be even dabbed on electric lamps and produce the aromas when oils are heated. Such fragrance oils can be used either with water or without water as well. Oils when burnt diffuse as steam and fill the room air with fresh aromas.

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