Burning Oil

Our variety of fragmented burning oils developed under pre-defined standards is in big demand in aromatherapy and plenty of different therapeutic remedies. We offer aromatic burning oils in cost-effective packaging options. Difference between fragrance oils and burning oils are fragrant oils are made to wear on the body and burning oil is made to burn in a diffuser type element. Burning oils could be used with water, the combination of burning oil and water or using the only burning oil makes the room fragmented. To use an oil burner put some oil in the bowl at the top of the burner, then place a lighted tea candle under the bowl. For the electric fragrance lamp, put a little bit of oil on the tray and simply turn on the lamp. Most of the electric lamps come with dimmer, it works very good as a night light too. Burning oils evaporate as steam and let the aroma of the burning oils fill the room.


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