Waterfall BackFlow Incense Cone

Waterfall backflow incense cones are the cone shape incense that is ignited in particular incense cone burners to produce smoke and fragrance. Light backflow incense cones on its tip then gently blow or fan the flame until it vanishes. The lighted part of the cone will turn into a glowing red color and start burning while giving off the fragrances. They produce strong scents that are diffused into the air producing a fragrant environment. These cones required waterfall backflow incense cone burner for producing wonderful effects. When these cones are burn they produce a thick smoke that is like water flow. It gives a sense of warmth and relaxation. Black flow cones have a hole in it that makes the smoke to flow through the cones and in the bottom. They produce concentrated scents that can be used both indoor and outdoor. It triggers relaxation and soothing responses. Backflow incense cones can be found in a variety of fragrances, you can choose the right one according to your taste that incudes rose, jasmine, sandalwood, lavender and even in mixed forms.


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