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In ancient days, humans used to rely upon natural plants to fulfill the needs to cure diseases, to flavor the food, and to make scents like Lavender and Rosemary. And still today, we can't deny the fact that we consume herbs in many ways. Open your kitchen cabinet, and you will find the herbs in spice jars. Your medicine box contains medicines prepared from the extract of leaves. Also, the pure essential oils you use for massage are extracted from natural herbs. Herbs are natural ingredients that contain different properties. Some are very good for healing and blessing, like blue sage. Some are good for concentration and luck, like rosemary. Burning herbs also purify the place from germs and bacteria. Herbs have been used for medical purposes, they were ground under stones until it turned into a thick paste, then it was applied to the wounded area of the body. Now the method has changed, but herbs are the same. Pharmacies practice herbal medicines by extracting the constituents from it. With herbal remedies, people are acknowledging herbs by taking them in food. Bay leaf, clove, anise are edible herbs you add in your meal. They not only give appetizing fragrance, but they are rich with minerals and vitamins. There are some popular hence most effective herbs used for smudging are sage, cedar, sweetgrass, pine or pinon, moringa, patchuli, hissop, lemongrass, rose, lavender and mugwort. Smudging is used for cleansing purposes, lighting different herbs help to remove negative energy and burning palo santo brings positive energies. 


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Eucalyptus Leaf
Herb - Eucalyptus Leaf
Rosemary herb
Rosemary herb 4 oz
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Herb - Rosemary
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Cedar Bundle- 4 to 5 Inches
Cedar Bundle- 4 to 5 Inches
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Cedar Bundle- 4 to 5 Inches
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Ceder Smudge Stick
Juniper Smudge Bundle- 4”
Juniper Smudge Bundle- 4” online
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Sweetgrass Braid
Sweetgrass Braid