Awareness Notice

Dear Customers, 


We want to notify our customers that some of the Scammers/Fraudsters are doing fraud with the customers with mention our Company name or relevant products. Many customers called and emailed us that they charged to their account several times, and money was taken, but the product was not delivered. 

As per customers' information, we are trying to reach the fraudulent companies' phone and email for the last few months, but we are not getting any response. We also understand that they are scamming with the customers. Some dishonest companies are taking our product's images, content description, and name. They are using our Name and Fame to confuse our customers and scamming with them. As a result, customers are calling us. 

We are providing some websites that we received from the victim customers that they found from their bank statements, and business which contains duplicate content from us.

  1. incense***
  2. incense***
  3. flowing***
  4. incense***
  5. aj***

We are doing business in the market since 2016 with good reputations and number one ranking in the Google and other major search results. We are preparing to take legal action against them to protect our business, reputations, and customers' faith. 

We are requesting our customers don't shop to see the low prices, huge discounts! Always check the website footer sections if they mention the physical location, customer support email, phone, or live chat. 

Please feel free to contact us for any queries.


Ph: +1 213 322 3483