Ppure- Dracula’s Blood Incense Stick

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Dracula’s Blood incense is famous for protection against negative energy and low vibrations. The aroma that spreads from burning this incense is very intoxicating and instantly makes the space feel sacred and secure.

These incense sticks are a mixture of organic ingredients including resins, unique herbs, flowers, and essential oils. These ingredients mixed with sandalwood create a complex fragrance with many undertones, such as benzoin and layers of woodsy aroma. It has a hint of sweetness, like a duller version of amber. Dracula’s blood incense is also a symbol of good luck.

This aroma helps enhance your meditation and self-care experience. Whatever mood you may be in, burning this incense will make you feel more rested and at peace. Hence, it is excellent for any occasion. Most commonly utilized for spellwork and spiritual activities.

This incense does not include Dracula’s blood. We are sure you were already aware but, we still wanted to clarify any confusion.

  • Medicinal properties
  • Used for the creation of ink
  • It helps create a positive environment
  • A symbol of good fortune
  • Spreads an intoxicating scent
  • Comes in a box of 10-12
  • Organically made
  • Hand Rolled

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ciara mishler

smells super good! :)

Thank you!

Christine G. Finkle
Great Store to Buy The Incense

I love them, super quick shipping & they even gave me one different one as a gift for free, will be buying again!