Ppure- Cleansing Aura- Ayurvedic Masala Incense Sticks

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  • Each pack is 15 gram (10/12 sticks in each pack)
  • 12 packs in a box
  • Popular for its aroma
  • This one is great for Relaxation.
  • Each pack contains between 10 to 12 sticks (determined by weight)
  • Each incense stick is individually hand rolled in the high-quality oils so each stick can vary slightly in its thickness.

These Ayurvedic incense sticks are made with natural and rare herbs, essential oils, resins, honey, and flowers. A pack of 15 premium quality Agarwood Ayurvedic masala incense sticks with individually packed incense sticks inside there packs to keep them fresh and the essential oils fresh. These incense sticks are free from any toxic materials and ingredients giving a natural incense stick, with natural ingredients you get a natural result. Ayurvedic Masala incense sticks will give you a refreshing and soothing scent, that lifts you beyond the realms of your dreams. Cleansing Aura Ayurvedic Masala Incense Sticks caress your mind and soul with its lovely long-lasting. 


Customer Reviews

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Paula J. Schultz
Lovely and excellent quality incense sticks

Love these, they smell great even when they're just on display on the burner.

Thank you!