7 Angeles Oil

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From the most mystical incense creators on the planet comes this super-strength spiritual oil in 7 Angels Aroma. If you've at any point attempted the incense, then you'll know how great and brilliant our spiritual oils and they are no exemption!


This wish/intention oil occupies your space with a genuinely delightful fragrance. It is used with Oil burners, Lamp rings, reed diffusers, and dried blossoms. 7 Angeles aroma oil benefits your soul and gives an excellent fragrance sensation to make the correct environment in each room, and is reasonable for small burners.

The 7 Angeles Oil brings in the saintly domain. The heavenly field serves humankind and acquires cherishing support in various everyday issues. They give solace during troublesome occasions. The celestial realm is here to do, however, to help you feel energized. Lead heavenly hosts are a significant connection for humanity with higher domains and the Divine.

It brings effortlessness, excellence, insurance, and mending. Commonly the spiritual beings get inexplicable intercession. Chief heavenly messengers are God's quality in all of life to help you through every one of the issues and unpleasant spots you may experience. The 7 Angeles oil additionally lifts you to the high places of our spirit if combined with our wish/intention spiritual candles.

  • It helps you attain peace.
  • Connects your soul to divine beings.
  • Boosts positive energy.
  • It helps to welcome good luck.

Customer Reviews

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Basanta Lee
Connects to higher spirits

The oil has the power to connect with the higher beings and create a net of positive energy around the user.

Dear Basanta Lee, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that the oil has the ability to connect with higher spirits and create a net of positive energy around the user.

Works like a dream!

This one has been my favorite for several years. I love it