Amazonite Crystal Ball

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Amazonite crystal sphere was prized by the old Egyptians who made wonderful gems, decorative pieces and cut significant writings into this stone. Amazonite has consistently been valued for its magnificence and healing abilities.


Amazonite crystal benefits you as it has numerous supernatural forces. Like jade, amazonite is related to cash, karma, and achievement. It's known as the "player's stone," empowering the best of luck and fortune. Amazonite is said to affect the sensory system soothingly. Since the sensory system controls our feelings in an incredible arrangement, Amazonite crystal properties help relieve tense and exasperated circumstances and upgrade love. Amazonite imparts truth, honor, and trustworthiness to your personality. It has a delicate mending quality that is helpful to almost everybody in an overall way.

Amazonite crystal ball is an extraordinary device to instigate sharp mindfulness. Amazonite additionally conveys the spiritual energy of individual truth. If your goals and destinations appear to be blurred, reflection with this gemstone will assist you with adjusting yourself to your fact and the reality of the universe. It enkindles an agreeable connection between insight and instinct, permitting you to discover what is valid inside you and affectionately conveys it to the world. Amazonite is considered the "Stone of Hope." This precious stone can assist with reworking your attitude to haul yourself out of your jail of dimness and into the light.

  • Its weight is seven 0z.
  • It guides you to the right path.
  • It engages with mental sturdiness.
  • It quiets the psyche.

Notes: Stand doesn't come with the order. It's only for the display. 


Customer Reviews

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Raiz Dieve
Guide the path

It is believed to amplify the properties of enhancing one's ability to connect with the spiritual realm. It is often used in divination and meditation practices, as well as in energy healing and chakra balancing work.

Dear Raiz Dieve, Thank you for your review of the Amazonite Crystal Ball. This item is a great way to help guide the path and connect with the spiritual realm. It is also often used in divination and meditation practices, as well as in energy healing and chakra balancing work.

Nadal Roger
Instigate sharpness

It creates an incendiary mindfulness in your brain and that’s made my life to make up in my job life.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.