Angel Small Red Selenite

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Selenite is a Crystal for interfacing with your spiritually higher self where you feel connected to the holy spirits. Our red selenite crystal is one of the more impressive recuperating stones. It is Selenite from Morocco that has been cut and cleaned into a Selenite Angel. Selenite quiets, brings profound harmony, and offers admittance to past and future lives. Selenite brings mental clearness, clearing disarray and uncovering the master plan behind issues. 


It is a carved gemstone crystal that acts as a defensive stone. Selenite safeguards an individual or space from outside impacts. Selenite can summon security from the other-worldly domain and dissipates negative energy.

Selenite is a reiki crystal that is hand-cut holy messengers that will ensure, support, and help the brain and body. Every heavenly messenger accompanies a reviving serenity supplication to bring positive spirits into your life. Favor yourselves and your friends and family with the saintly spiritual energy implanted in every one of our reiki-charged gemstone angels

It makes an excellent gift for anybody needing to spread love or harmony. It helps eliminate the energy blockages in the chakra to bring a general equilibrium and further developed wellbeing. Having red selenite tiny angel centers your psyche and facilitates your concerns as it balances energy habitats in the body.

  • The height of red selenite angel is 8” (Approx)
  • The weight of red selenite is 5.5” (Approx)
  • Spiritual connection with higher spirits
  • It provides mental clarity.
  • It promotes mental harmony and peace.

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Raisa Den
Hot deal

The product helped me to upgrade my ability by clearing my thoughts as well as my future.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.