Aromatherapy Gift Set

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Looking for a unique and relaxing gift? Look no further than our Aromatherapy Gift Set! This set includes three premium incense in rose, sandalwood, and lavender scents. Each incense is made with natural oils and fragrances, providing a long-lasting and authentic aromatherapy experience. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or fill your home with a pleasant scent, our Aromatherapy Gift Set is a perfect choice!

Rose: Premium Incense. The sweet smell of roses is recreated using the absolute rose.
Clove oil and Geranium Bourbon.

Sandal Wood: This exclusive incense is created using pure sandalwood oil and sandalwood fragrance.

Lavender: A floral, fresh, herbaceous, citrusy fragrance that contains the essential oil lavender. Orange, Basil, Lemon Nutmeg.


Customer Reviews

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Chita Marlo
Well organized product kit

Incense sticks, Incense cone and rest of the products made a good combo.

Roberto Puetrika

All I needed for my aromatherapy classes, got in this package. Really a great collection.