Attracts Money Incense Stick

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Attracts money incense stick, as the name suggests, is burned mainly to attract positive energies that aid in amplifying your wealth. It is a pleasant blend of florals, musk, resins, and essential oils. The fragrance helps one seek the truth, gain wisdom, attract love and compassion.

Attracts money incense sticks correspond with the elements of Fire and Air. The inclusion of amber gives it a sacred essence. As a result, your mind will get clearer, and you will recall memories more easily. Hence, you can use it in initiation rituals. Money incense sticks evoke the exotic and strong money spell into your space, blessing you with wealth, success, and prosperity.

Burn this incense, and the scent will enable you to discover your full earning potential. Your creative development will improve as your mind gets free from all kinds of stress. It creates an aura of good luck, positivity, harmony and restores emotional balance. Moreover, the overall scent is also pleasing. It has a floral aspect to it. You can use Attracts Money incense sticks, like every other incense, to enhance ritualistic experiences as it makes you more focused. Your sensory system gets triggered, and all senses heighten.

In addition, in some cultures, the passing of time is also measured by burning incense sticks.

  • Wards off negativity
  • Awakens all senses
  • Perfect for relaxation
  • This incense will bring you good luck
  • Lovely earthy scent
  • 10-gram pack
  • 8 incense sticks (Approximately)
  • 25 packs in a box
  • Banish Negative Energy
  • Awaken the Senses
  • Rest and Relaxation
  • Incense Brings Good Luck

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It does what it say!!

Attract Money has worked amazingly for me! I have shared some with a few family members