Backflow Incense Burner- Buddha

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For best impacts, consume our ceramic Incense Burner inside a space with smoldering heat from any abrupt air developments. If it's not too much trouble, note that after finishing, it is typical for a sleek light buildup to show up on the oil burner; therefore, we suggest securing any furniture it is set upon appropriately.


Just backflow incense cones ought to be utilized with this item – standard incense cones won't make the ideal impact. It is typical for cones to require 10 minutes after being lit to begin making the smoking/fog impact. We supply a determination of backflow incense cones in an assortment of fragrances. Move a feeling of quiet and put things in place for your reflection practice with this metallic small-scale Buddha backflow incense burner.

Essentially light a backflow incense cone and spot it at the highest point of the stones. Watch as the smoke falls down the side of the Buddha incense fountain. It would help if you utilized a backflow incense cone to make the exciting smoke.

Our vintage Buddha Backflow Incense Burner is handcrafted and exceptional in the plan, little priest, and Buddha with a lotus flower base. Get loose from the physical to the mental, Put to the side the difficulties of life, and enjoy this second's tranquility. The smoke of Buddha Backflow Incense Burner steams down like a cascade, the incense burner encompassed by smoke, a baffling air. It is reasonable for the examination room, yoga studio, a decent present for companions or yourself.

One reason why backflow cone is a hit with many is its all-encompassing trademark that offers sweet-smelling and tasteful flawlessness. The utilization of effectively accessible and creative discharge incense burners elevates the insides of your home, office space, yoga studio, contemplation room, or some other space. The streaming wellspring of smell that spills out of these incense cones gives your area the exemplary hint of excitement that can be the object of marvel for some! 

  • Blesses your home with serenity.
  • Brings peace and positivity.
  • Smoke has a stimulating impact on the soul.
  • Aromatherapy healing.


Customer Reviews

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Quality product

The buddha is so cute which attract me from all and the smoke make it look majestic.

Thank you!

Sophia K. Burlingame
I love it

It's what I expected. Cool & cute. The dripping smoke works like it should & is really cool & meditative. The ceramic itself is cute also.