Backflow Incense Burner- Dragon and the Castle

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Invigorate the air and the impact of contemplation, help rest, improve rest quality, avoid panicking, decrease pressure, sleep deprivation, and cerebral pains—light the incense appropriate for home, office, pot, contemplation, and yoga.


The backflow incense burner can be utilized with your number one flavor. We sell in various flavors: a complex and excellent Backflow incense burner in a shining mythical dragon and castle plan.

Captivating shading changing lights show through the palace windows. When the cone is lit, the smoke from the cone falls downwards in a hypnotizing cascade impact to pool at the base. It is an excellent site to watch my children and visitors. Spot a backflow incense cone at the highest point of the burner. Light the cone and watch as the incense smoke streams down and encompasses shading evolving palace. A spiritually winged dragon has all the earmarks of being blowing smoke.

The mysterious fog from your backflow incense streams out of the winged dragon’s mouth down onto levels, then, at that point, pooling underneath into a lake beneath. The lake can likewise show a little gem you can add. This burner is created from fine-quality clay. It is an excellent expansion for the front room, contemplation region, or holy space.

This burner is a smooth ceramic Backflow Incense Burner; get done with making it simple to clean. For best impacts, consume inside in a room with extreme heat from any abrupt air developments. Kindly note that it is typical for a light slick buildup in the wake of finishing to show up on the oil burner; therefore, we suggest ensuring any furniture is set upon reasonably.

  • Fragranced smoke falls downwards.
  • Supernatural and otherworldly air impact.
  • A staggering ice breaker.
  • Looks like a lotus floating on smoke.
  • Backflow incense burner, incense sit on the tip lilie flower.
  • Six inches tall and 5 inches wide. Works with backflow cones, which have a hole in the bottom, allowing the smoke to flow downward into the burner like a waterfall.
  • Lotus looks floating on the smoke when the burner is in use. 

Customer Reviews

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Lisa DeVetter
Crafted Ceramic Burner

This burner has a dragon with it's home. It's a nice product and a burner of course. When burning, the smoke goes to downward which makes it amazing. A perfect product for gift for me.

Dear Lisa DeVetter, Thank you for your review of the Backflow Incense Burner - Dragon and the Castle! We're glad you're pleased with the product and its design.

Helene T. Jackson
Perfect Burner

It is perfect for what I wanted. Good quality, nice looking item that works well. Thanks for the very quick delivery.