Myrrh & Frankincense - Pure Resin Incense Stick

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This sacred incense sticks is made out of Myrrh & Frankincense resin. They are handmade with essential oils and powder of frankincense. The burn emits a fresh, woodsy, fruity, balsamic, and a ting spicy aroma. It's most commonly used for ceremonies and spiritual events.


This sweet scent soothes the surroundings and creates a peaceful environment. In addition, they can trigger a specific reaction, such as relaxing, helping sleep quicker, enhancing focus, stimulating creativity, heightening sexual desire, and motivating.

Myrrh & Frankincense accesses a greater level of consciousness, connecting one with the universal spiritually. On a practical level, with its power to still the mind, it aids deeper thinking and meditation. Frankincense is the ancient route to prayer and still has the effect of enabling the soul to soar.

This incense can help fight depression as frankincense activates ion channels in the brain that diminishes anxiety and depression. Moreover, it also helps get rid of insomnia. It has soothing properties that prove to be a natural treatment for stress-related problems.

  • Calming & mind clearing 
  • Best incense during meditation 
  • Rejuvenating
  • 10 sticks
  • Natural Resin Incense 

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Great product

I had purchased from this seller before and very much enjoyed this fragrance. Very good quality product.